We Share Solar (WSS) Partnership:

We Share Solar is the educational arm of We Care Solar, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to advancing sustainable energy solutions for equitable healthcare and education in underserved communities. Established in 2012, the We Share Solar Suitcase program is an immersive educational initiative that fosters community engagement while imparting the significance of sustainable living to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students worldwide. This hands-on STEM education program seamlessly integrates practical engineering skills with global humanitarian service, empowering students to construct and distribute We Share Solar® Suitcases to schools in regions lacking access to reliable energy sources. We Share Solar actively involves educators and students in solar education projects, fostering a project-based learning approach.

Through our strategic partnership with We Share Solar (WSS), the Office of Global Initiatives and Experiential Learning (OGIEL) creates immersive, hands-on learning opportunities in our travel away programs. These experiences equip students with the skills needed to collaborate with international partners in expanding the utilization of the We Share Solar Suitcases in global communities. This collaborative effort revolves around interdisciplinary initiatives encompassing sustainable living, community leadership, clean solar energy, K-12 education, and public health.

The construction of WSS Suitcases is undertaken by students from Newark Public High Schools, while teams of undergraduate and graduate students from the RU-N International Leadership Exchange (ILE) program take charge of their deployment in resource-constrained rural communities. To date, International Leadership Exchange teams, in conjunction with Newark Public Schools, have successfully deployed 32 We Share Solar suitcases, executed 7 school revitalization projects, and initiated 5 community gardening restoration efforts. These endeavors have positively impacted over 40,000 individuals in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, India, and Belize.

*Below are the steps ILE scholars take when installing solar panels and solar suitcases.*

Solar Suitcase User Manual

We Share Solar ( WSS) Website

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