Maine: Cultures of the North Winter Ecology & Indigenous Community

Clayton Walton
Clayton WaltonInstructor
Clayton L. Walton has spent the last 19 years designing student development initiatives that challenge participants to intentionally engage their college experience. As the Executive Director of Globally Engaged Experiential Learning and Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Clayton promotes a holistic student development philosophy that informs the design and implementation of his coursework, study away programs and co-curricular initiatives.

Travel to Northeastern Maine to study winter ecology and sustainable forestry, and observe the natural landscape from the perspective of the indigenous communities and cultures of the area. In addition, students will study traditional farming methods and preserving food through the winter months and the history of Northern New England and participate in an interactive geography lesson.


Northeastern Maine

Program Dates

Travel Dates: TBD

Who Can Participate

  • Rutgers undergraduate students who have:
    • completed 12+ credits
    • related coursework
    • approval from the faculty director as well as their advisor
  • Rutgers graduate students

Related Areas of Study

  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Eco-Immersion
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Outdoor Expedition

Important Note: This is not a complete list. We value diverse perspectives in our programs and encourage students from all majors and professions for participate. All program applicants are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to determine if and how this course may be applied towards their program requirements and degree completion.

Course Code:

Students self-register in Webreg and choose the following course:

  • Maine: Cultures of the North 21:910:347 | Section: W1 (3 credits)
    • This course is being offered through the Department of Social Work


Maine Syllabus

Linked Syllabus is from previous years. All accepted students will receive an updated one closer to the course’ start date.

Packing List:

Maine Packing List

Linked packing list is from previous years. All accepted students will receive an updated one closer to the course’ start date.




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