Project Description

Winter Wilderness Expedition

Marlow, NH & Green Mountains of VT

Once upon a time, winter was a time of the year cherished by indigenous people of the Northeast. As the soft blanket of snow covered the land both travel and hunting became easy and long nights spent by the warmth of the fire provided time for crafting and reflection. We invite you to step into the winter and travel by snowshoe through the enchanted forest and over frozen lakes following tracks of moose, fox and coyote. Deep in the winter wilderness we will set our camp, a large canvas tent with a crackling woodstove and a balsam fir floor. Each day we will cut and split firewood to warm our tent and cook our meals, and chisel a hole in the ice to collect water. Adventures by day will include snow shelter making, exploring the woods by snowshoe, and skiing over the beaver flowages. We will bake biscuits on the fire, drink hot chocolate to warm our toes, and play games on the ice. At night, the stars and the moon will illuminate the scene of a winter paradise with ice crackling in the cold and snow blanketing the trees. There will be stories, songs and great conversations in our candlelit canvas wall tent. We will study winter ecology, cold adaptations and rich folklore of the people who thrived in the winter eight months of the year for thousands of years!