Project Description

Gulf Coast Sea Kayaking

Everglades National Park, Florida

As our tandem sea kayaks slice through warm turquoise waters of the Florida coast we will paddle and sail, watch manatees and pelicans from our boats, and camp on sandy beaches. We will study tropical ecology and wildlands conservation issues, practice sea kayak skills, marine navigation and sailing. As we travel along the coast of the Everglades there will be time for swimming and observing the wildlife, including turtles, fish and multitude of birds. At night we will set tents or sleep under the stars. We will cook delicious meals and bake bread over an open fire. There will be time for group dialog, stories, guitar playing, singing and fishing. Gazing across the gulf we may catch an evening glow from Havana, Cuba, as we study the rich and tragic history of US relationships with our brave island neighbors.