Global Scholars


An anchor initiative within the Office of Global Initiatives and Experiential Learning, the International Leadership Exchange: Global Scholars Program (ILE) has completed over 275 community-engaged service hours with 27 international community, nonprofit and public organization partners. Comprised of courses, field-study and co-curricular programs, this dynamic series of international programs challenges participants to broaden their theoretical and practical understanding of community-engaged leadership in the field. Rooted in social change theory and practice, this experience, which includes in-country lectures and discussions, prepares students to construct and implement community engagement initiatives as inclusive team leaders, social change agents, and scholar-practitioners. The recipient of the 2018 Rutgers University Committee to Advance our Common Purposes Special Achievement Award; the 2015 RU-N Chancellor Nancy Cantor Seed Grant Program for Experiential and Global Leadership; the 2014 Champion of Sustainability Award from the American College Personnel Association and the 2014 NASPAA Social Equity Award from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration.

ILE teams have deployed 13 We Care Solar suitcases, completed 7 school revitalization efforts, and executed 5 community gardening restoration projects impacting over 40,000 people in Tanzania, Nicaragua, India, and Puerto Rico. An interdisciplinary initiative, each experience addresses themes related to sustainable living, public health, community leadership, and education.

Adapted in 2012, the We Share Solar suitcase STEAM curriculum is a community engaged experiential learning initiative designed to illustrate the impact of sustainable living to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.  In 2017, 6 teachers from Shabazz High School’s science and global studies department participated in a 2-day training that prepared them to integrate the We Share Solar STEAM curriculum with their 2018 lessons plans. This team of uniquely trained teachers guided an exceptional group of Shabazz students through the construction suitcases that were deployed by teams of undergraduate and graduate students in rural communities with low resourced educational and medical facilities. These suitcases traveled to Africa, South Asia, Central America and community organizations providing disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico.  By July 2018 ILE teams will have deployed 26 solar suitcases in the field.